Gold Rush

Gold Rush Lottery

Yarmouth Jr.A Mariners Fan Club

Customers can purchase tickets at any of the following;

  • Emins Meat Market
  • Petro Canada (Haley Rd)
  • Spears & MacLeod Pharmasave


2. All players must be at least 19 years or older.

3. In order to play, each customer must initially register into the draw, providing their name and contact information. They will be assigned a unique customer ID number.

4. During each draw, ONE ticket will be printed automatically for each CUSTOMER REGISTERED in the GOLD RUSH LOTTERY and entered into the drum, whether the customer plays that week or not.

5. For each draw, all registered customers need to purchase at least a $2 ticket at one of the sellers listed above to be eligible to win that weeks draw. To increase their chances of winning, customers may purchase
more then 1 ticket, which will also be added to the drum. Tickets prices are: 1 for $2, 3 for $5, 10 for $10 or 30 for $20. For the convienience of our customers, they can purchase tickets for future draws at anytime.

6. The deadline for playing the current weeks game is every Wednesday at 10:00am.

7. Each Wednesday, after 10:00am, a ticket will be drawn from the drum of all those purchased and those printed automatically (see #4 above).

8. If the ticket drawn has been played (purchased), the winner will be contacted. If the ticket drawn has NOT been played, the current pot will roll over and be added to the next draw's pot. (If a drawn ticket is determined to be "not played", that means the customer registered with their unique ID number did not purchase a ticket for that draw and therefore are ineligible to claim the prize.)